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The Lambertville Music Circus

I love the Carolina Angel
  J.B. Kline in NYC  J.B. Kline & Steve Guyger 

Great crowd at Logan Inn!

Delaware River Blues Fest 2010  Stockton Inn Blues Fest 2010 painting by Michael Mann  Festival goers love to dance!

  Keyboard monster Ed Wall  Handy Award Nominee Steve Guyger!  Kevin Joy on bass!

Carol Brooks-Meyners can sing!  J.B. and Jeanie getting it done!!  Jeanie with Steve at Stockton 

 The Brooks Sisters at Stockton!!  Bobby Boom Boom!  A Great Day in Stockton!!

Can you feel it!  Bassist Kevin Joy at Stockton Inn  Ed Wall at the Marshall Tucker Show 5-30-10 

Bobby Boom Boom...matching hair and drums!

Dave Homan with Steve at Stockton Inn   With Marshal Tucker in Stockton   Handy Award Nominee - Steve Guyger at Stockton Inn

Concentrating!   On stage at Stockton Inn   Singer Donna Eller

At the Record Collector, Bordentown, NJ   Drummer Ron Howden   Ed Wall at the Record Collector

Mr. J.B. Kline   Mr. J.B. Kline

DJ Jeff Apoian hard at work at WDVR!   Live on WDVR!!

   At the Love Train   Havana December 2008

Way down in my soul   Keyboard master Ed Wall

B.B. King at the Patriots Theater  B.B. King  B.B. King!!

B.B.with promoter Joe DeJessa   At the Count Basie Theater

Bobby!!  Bobby at Red Bank  Tighten up!

Steve & J.B.  Ed Wall   Bobby Hartnagle said do it like this!

Gonna send you back to Trenton babe!    Opening for Johnny Winter 03-05-2009

I'm Ready!  Feelin' blue  Steve Guyger at the Count Basie Theater

On slide guitar    Playing Belvidere Line

Steppin' Up   It must have been the devil!

With B.B. King 12-6-2008  Tell It Like It Is  Bobby Boom Boom at the War Memorial

Dear Lord...make this a good gig!   Nice crowd at the Patriots Theater   On stage at the War Memorial

Nice to see lots of fans in the audience!   J.B. Kline Band - Getting It Done

 Dave Homan & J.B. trading riffs   Playing "Red Hot"   Attentive crowd at Wyndham, NY

  In the wee wee hours!  Sarah Ayers with Steve  Opening for Guitar Shorty - Spring 2007

J.B. in studio with Producer Kevin Joy   Slidin' on the old Univox!

Steve Guyger  2 harps are better than one!  Dave Homan...saxophonist extrordanaire!

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