J.B. Kline's second album release..."BELVIDERE LINE" absolutely contains some of his best material!! The title track is written about the old train that used to run through J.B.'s home town Lambertville NJ. Also on the album are "Carolina Angel" and the surprise favorite cut, "Fool To Make You Cry"!

Also you will hear "Midnight Move" penned by Chris Chadwick, which is a live favorite, and nine more soulful tunes! This album has a more live feel in general, and more reflects J.B. Kline's stage show than his previous effort Music Mountain, which is more acoustic.

"Absolutely one of the best CDs we've heard this year!" ...Philadelphia Gazette "Dynamite...I got some more respect for the J.B. Kline Band" ...You Tube
These are a sample of some of the comments this release has generated!! Absolutely sure you will like it too...
See you on the Belvidere Line!!

Producer: Kevin Joy
Engineer: Joe Hosey
Editor: Phil Nelson
Creative Consultant: Phil Lachaga
Photographs & Album Design: Donald L. Becker
Additional photo: Bob DeJessa
Recorded at: Riverdog Studios

Guitars/Vocal: J.B. Kline
Keyboards: Ed Wall
Bass Guitar:
  (#9) Benj Janyszeski
  (#3,11) Dallas Hosey
  (#1,2,5,8) Kevin Joy
  (#1,2,5, 9) Bobby Boom Boom Einreinhoffer        
  (#3,8,11) Will Hosey
Harmonica: Steve Guyger
Tenor Sax: Dave Homan
Acoustic Guitar: (#11) Chris Chadwick
Background Vocals: Jeannie Brooks, Carol Brooks, Ed Wall, Joe Hosey, Chamberlen

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